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We finally get word that the teams are thirty minutes away, so everyone gets in position.Whatever relaxed atmosphere existed earlier in the day immediately evaporates at the start of the live-stream, beginning with the arrival of Jessica and Brittany, the Instagram Models.They shout out for Phil and give him a big bear hug as he gives them their clue for the Detours.

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“Our fans are very discerning,” he says with a grin.He spends the hourlong car ride practicing the pronunciation of the location.“Tay-oh-tay wah-con,” he repeats over and over again, quietly.It’s not Morgan Freeman uttering “Zihuatenejo” near the end of Shawshank levels of gravitas, but there’s gravitas all the same in the way Phil speaks the word, reading from a pocket-sized travel book containing scripts not just for the first leg of the race, but the whole season ahead.The scripts are a collaboration between a few forces — executives at home, producers on the scene — but the words always begin with Phil.“I do the first pass out loud, writing with another producer, who types while I talk it out.

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