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Even when she had no money, long before her one-woman show was a sellout around the world, Grace Jones had indefatigable style.

She would sweep into New York in August to vacation on Fire Island with only a Swiss Army knapsack slung over her shoulder. I’m the bad guy, and then, of course, after Bond makes love to me, like all the other women, I wake up out of my hypnosis, and I turn good in the end. JONES: It’s still Roger Moore, but I wish it were Hans [Lundgren, GJ’s bodyguard beau now known as Dolph Lundgren]. I don’t think Roger has much more…TALLEY: This is his last film. Hans is going to be coaching me for the kickboxing scenes. She said, “My god, you say the funniest things.”WARHOL: Actually, you should start to buy all the Rosalind Russell pictures.

TALLEY: But don’t you remember the great moments you also had when there were rumors in Paris that Yves was very ill and you did this great show, one of his best, the Carmen collection, and at the end of it—after 300 outfits—everyone has to hold Yves up.

Yves took Lou Lou’s scarf and wrapped it around my waist, and he took off his belt, put it around my breasts and carried me back out on the stage. JONES: There’re lots of musicians in my family, too. I’ve got to make a record with my mother’s voice on it.

Curated by musician Gordon Voidwell, the evening is titled “State of Grace.” Ms.

To appreciate it, one must witness Grace thrashing around onstage, or in her “A One-Man Show” video—an Academy Award nominee directed by Jean Paul Goude—crashing a dozen cymbals into orchestrated revolt on stage. I wanted a lot of animalism to come out of it, and when you come out with a tail that’s wet, it’s just natural—TALLEY: To shake it.

Or in Paris, swinging over a throng of 2,000 at Le Palace. I only started getting into furs when the designers I liked started making them.

JONES: And we went on that bus with [fashion illustrator] Antonio, [models] Pat Cleveland and Alva, and I sang “I Need A Man.”TALLEY: You wore a gold tutu and gold cowboy boots.

TALLEY: Remember Steve Rubell’s old club—it was like a country club in Queens.

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