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It is worth mentioning, that the Hebrews were just as literate, and just as artistic as the other Black civilizations around them.

The reason that we have to depend on outside sources for pictures of them, is because Whites destroyed all that the Hebrews ever created.

Even down to the very religious writings that they claim to worship by.

So at the time when Whites were destroying vestiges of Black history, they had no access to the Assyrian artifacts.They attend churches with images of a tall, long haired, full bearded White man depicted in stained glass windows or painted on walls, and they return home to the same depictions framed in their living room or illustrating their family Bibles.Further compounding the irony is the fact that America actually has an obsession with the (presumed) color of Christ and has exported her White Americanized Savior around the world, as recently documented by Edward J.The beloved White Jesus of today’s world was Made in America. Despite the absence of a detailed description of Jesus’s physical appearance in the Gospels (though John the Revelator saw the risen Christ apparently with wooly hair and black feet, Rev.-15), there are non-biblical evidences that actually allow us to visualize the Son of God from Nazareth.

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