When he withdraws dating

The passive aggressive man or woman’s behavior cycles between hostility and withdrawal. I convinced myself I was not doing enough to keep him happy.If you become involved with a passive aggressive man within a few months you will come face to face with a man who is either very hostile or shuts down and withdraws. He was unable to form an emotional connection with me but instead of taking responsibility for his own inability he behaved as if I was the one with an issue. The funny thing is, the harder I worked on the relationship the more he withdrew.When we first met my ex-husband was charming, needy and couldn’t be around me enough.He was every woman’s idea of the perfect m, in the beginning.She wants actions and behaviors from him that show her he loves her.By the time my marriage to my passive aggressive husband came to an end I had no self-esteem.It takes a special kind of woman to choose and marry a passive-aggressive man. When I was a child my father was constantly withdrawing from my mother.The woman who marries the passive aggressive man was taught in her family of origin to accept a high level of frustration for a minimal level of love and caring. He was an alcoholic who found it easier to deal with problems by drinking.

The passive aggressive husband won’t return his wife’s anger. He will withhold affection, forget important dates…if it is something she needs, he will make sure she doesn’t get it.

This was the question I posed to my bi-monthly women’s group.

Over the next hour, there was laughter, tears and frustration as the group pondered this question.

Being loved should never mean turning yourself inside out for anyone.

Being loved means knowing when to set boundaries, knowing your own worth and if need be, walking away from a man who does nothing but withdraw and withhold what you desire.

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