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I don't want to just see a Paypal payment in my inbox then ship yer gear out.If you want some middle-class fucking coffee-table vinyl boxset and the ability to pay via credit card without actually communicating with a human being, stick to the Nuclear War Nigels or Hell's [email protected] A note on getting in touch about wholesale: I don't want to buy your shit. I very seldom turn down trades because I think it's a fundamental part of the survival of underground music...know what ISN'T? But I'll do you a good deal lol", you WILL get an absolute fucking roasting in return. See if I want to buy stuff off you, I'll let you know! I'm warning you cos see when I do get emails like this to which I respond with "can't afford to buy but happy to trade" and you dare to send me back a "Hey man, yeah we don't trade!I spent my youth going through distro lists I got in the mail, reading about bands I'd never heard of and sending off for stuff based on what some guy on the other side of the world thought of it, and this distro list is an unapologetic continuation of that idea.This is underground music, we should be ENCOURAGING communication, I kinda like getting to know the people who buys records off me.

It's been ages since I listened to this and in my head the songs were shorter....If you're looking for where the true black metal sound really comes from, THIS is it.Along with Beherit's Drawing Down The Moon, properly the most evil-sounding record ever recorded.I seem to remember the CD single I had of it lasting for about 4 minutes but there are a couple of decently-lengthed plodders in here amongst the blasts. £16 Both pre-album demos and a couple of extra tunes, these recordings have surfaced under several names over the years (my favourite is the CD with the Mike Diana artwork from the 90s).Doesn't have the grotty stoner sound of Mental Funeral but does have Steve Di Giorgio absolutely tearing it up on the bass, thumping the twisted guitar lines into the dust. £13 Great comeback EP thankfully in print again after about ten years (yep, Autopsy have been back for a longer period of time than they were going in the first place! The past couple of Autopsy albums honestly haven't done much for me, but this and the first comeback album are primo death metal and as good as anything they did first time round. £13 SUPERB new mini-album and the best thing I've heard Autopsy come out with since they got back together. This is still dear for a collection of demos but better than spending 30 quid on the middle-class gimp-fest that is the Nuclear War Now diehard LP.

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