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They appear in just about every Battlefield game that the RGF are in, though they are never directly mentioned. The Russian Empire, as it was known as between 17, was a part of the Triple Entente alongside Britain and France, and as such was a major participant of The Great War until the October Revolution caused the replacement of the imperial government by a communist one, which subsequently caused Russia's exit of the war.

The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is the main intelligence service of Russia. They are known for black operations within various countries. Imperial Russian forces (also playing the part of the counter-revolutionary White Army ) and communist Red Army forces, while absent from the base game's multiplayer, are introduced as playable factions in the In The Name Of The Tsar expansion of Battlefield 1.

Their first invasion attempts of South America, highlighted in the map descriptions, are playable in Atacama Desert and Harvest Day (Bad Company 2 version).

They are also playable as attempting to break the American defense and defend against the US trying to push them back at the siege of Panama Canal.

The Russian Federation is depicted in a fictional war against the United States of America, allied with the Middle Eastern Coalition and the hired assistance of the Legionnaire Mercenaries. They are first assigned to assist United States Army convoys.

Soon after, B-Company is engaged in aiding a US Army armored division in the Battle of Zabograd.

The Spetsnaz also engage the British SAS in a deserted town near the Caspian Sea after a Russian Convoy was destroyed. The player, Preston Marlowe, is a soldier in the 222nd Army Battalion's B-Company, where the Russian Ground Forces are the first enemies the player encounters.

It is implied that the Russians were in a conflict with the European Union preceding the European entry into The War.

However, the exact nature of that conflict is never stated, merely that the two sides had signed a peace treaty.

Shortly after though began the War in Chechnya when the large group of Islamic Separatists demanded complete autonomy from the Russian Federation in which the demand would be refused.

Despite this, there have been several minor tensions between Russia and NATO, such as the controversy of the 2008 South Ossetia War and political and territorial disputes with the Baltic States, the most recent of which is the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula into the Russian Federation.

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