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To make amends for the Fem Dom material here's a nice post of some female / female spanking from my friends at Strict English CP - Judicial Punishment by the Prison Governess.Miss Akroyd has been summoned into the Governors office for flirting with prison inmates, giving them porn and unsafe advice on conduct in the outside world once rehabilitated.We live in such a nanny wrapped in cotton wool country it beggars belief.When I was at school Uranus was was said correctly.After all, we don't blush when we speak of Arsenal FC, that's unless you are an embarrassed gooner, and we don't mispronounce Arsene Wenger because his name sounds like the part of the body where the sun shines out of Jackie Webster.

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Although I am not a submissive person, quite the opposite in fact I still do not go out of my way to annoy them.The Governor enjoys humouring Miss Akroyd by not rising to her jibes and carries on.With Miss Akroyds French knickers pulled down the slap of leather upon her flesh is starting to smart! Yesterday my wife was shopping at tle local market and without realising left her i Phone 8 on a stall.Being an Arsenal supporter for my sins I'm used to seeing cock ups from goalkeepers, usually our goal keeper as they have been making howlers as far back as the days of David Seaman.Last night though it wasn't our goalkeeper who made a huge gaff it was Liverpool's Loris Karius who made it or rather them, first passing the ball out to an attacking player "GOAL!

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