Updating your graphics driver

After installation you will be required to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.A device driver is an essential piece of code that allows Windows 10 to interact with the components and peripherals (such as graphics cards, network adapters, mice, keyboards, and printers).You can also update a particular driver for a device, such as a printer, Wi-Fi adapter, sound card, monitor, and component using Device Manager.

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If these details match the information provided by the manufacturer, then you're running the latest version.Download the latest driver provided for your video card.Before downloading, check the product support notes for the driver to make sure your video card is supported by the driver, and there is not special exclusion for your computer. Double click the driver after it is downloaded and follow the installation wizard.It detects your operating system and graphics card and then suggests the latest available Driver. Complete these steps to update your AMD Driver: The error means that the Autodetect Utility was not able to identify your operating system or product and you will have to manually update your Drivers or use a driver update tool.If you are manually updating your Drivers you will need to check the model of graphics card installed (if using a Driver Update Tool the software will do this for you).

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