Updating an ipod without itunes

Although the open letter initially caused mixed industry reactions, Apple signed a deal with a major record label the following month to offer i Tunes customers a purchase option for a higher-quality, DRM-free version of the label's tracks.

In January 2009, Apple signed deals with all major record labels as well as a large number of independent labels to offer all i Tunes music in the DRM-free option.

It is built into the MP4 multimedia file format as an encrypted AAC audio layer, and is used by the company to protect copyrighted works sold through i Tunes Store, allowing only authorized devices to play the content.There are many situations that we will make in daily,and need to install IPSW file on our i Phone/i Pad,for example update i Phone from i OS 10 to i OS 11 official version; install i OS 11 on i Phone/i Pad; downgrade i OS 11 to i OS 10.3.3 on i Phone and i Pad; fix the software update failed error; get i Phone out of recovery mode/DFU mode; fix i Phone/i Pad stuck in black screen of death; fix i Phone stuck at Apple logo; repair an i Phone stuck at looping on start; fix device abnormal system issue; failed restore device to factory reset,etc.You would be required to downgrade from i OS 11 to i OS 10 to fix/restore i Phone back to factory setting status.The restrictions imposed by Fair Play, mainly limited device compatibility, have sparked criticism, with a lawsuit alleging antitrust violation that was eventually closed in Apple's favor, and various successful efforts to remove the DRM protection from files, with Apple continually updating its software to counteract such projects.In February 2007, an open letter by Steve Jobs, Apple's then-CEO, discussed the use of DRM on music, raising points about the future of the protection and announcing the company's support for ending the use of DRM.

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