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I’ve studied a lot, but I still make mistakes all the time.When we first arrived, I spent a full day at our neighbors’ backyard farm calling the man “aunt” instead of “uncle.” He kept chuckling and goodheartedly rolling his eyes at me.It’s a delicious condiment made from grilled peppers and eggplants that we eat by the spoonful when our friend brings it over. In Dalmatia, on the coastline, it’s heavy on seafood. The approach is ideal for children, with its focus on fresh, simple dishes. Truth be told, it’s the biggest house we’ve ever lived in and probably ever will again — with a pool, balcony, views and a lovely backyard.

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Croatia was a top choice, and being here has exceeded our wildest dreams.If you say you’re busy, people will tease you: ‘If you can’t do coffee, you have to get your life in order.’ I love to see so many people sitting together — not working on their computers or staring at their phones — talking, laughing and being present over coffee.Every morning after I finish my cup of coffee, two-year-old Grace takes it and dramatically breathes in the scent.The ritual is less about the coffee itself (though it is amazing) and more about having a reason to meet up with someone to chat, catch up, date, do business or even propose marriage.Our friends joke that literally everything happens over a cup of coffee.

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