Travis stork is dating

Season 10, Episode 130April 20, 2018Spending 100K to look like Kim K; human Ken and Barbie dolls; surgery to become a genderless alien; a woman who wants the world's biggest butt; a woman who wants the world's smallest waist; when the desire for plastic surgery becomes an addiction; and going under the knife to look like Madonna.Season 10, Episode 129April 18, 2018Whether certain acne meds lead to murder; a woman who lost her belly on Dr. "; Parenting 911 emergencies; a woman who got a double mastectomy to save her life; and four-legged hospital workers who bring smiles to patients.Season 10, Episode 142May 8, 2018Whether Busy Philipps' homemade garlic nasal rinse is safe; the causes of numbness in the middle of the night; whether one can transmit a UTI to a partner; a woman's fear of driving following an accident; money-saving tips for summer travel; whether a gallbladder flush works; and Jennifer Aniston's salad secret.Season 10, Episode 141May 7, 2018Disturbing nursing home questions; inside secrets from the celebrity doctor who's an artist with a syringe; how to transform one's body in just 20 days; the mental health of children; and the health benefits of turmeric.Season 10, Episode 144May 10, 2018New research that shows ovarian cancer may be passed on from fathers; why air conditioners stink; cleaning mistakes that could send one to the E.R.; the effectiveness of a sleep patch that promises a better night's sleep; and a simple way to boost one's run.Season 10, Episode 143May 9, 2018Christie Brinkley shares beauty tips and discusses the #Times Up movement.

Also: whether the First Amendment applies to flipping off a cop; a celebrity mom whose famous hubby "nursed" to relieve her painful mastitis; and a woman who had "vegan" tattooed on her forehead.

Season 10, Episode 150May 18, 2018A California mother of three who wears a corset 23 hours a day to keep her 18-inch waist.

Also: a possible cure for hair loss found in fast food French fries; the nation's very first "marijuana spa"; and a controversial school policy that instructs female students not to say "no" when boys ask them to dance.

Also: strategies to move on from past hurt and find forgiveness; a treatment that shows promise treating post-traumatic stress injury; and how to protect one's self and loved ones from a wrongful conviction.

Season 10, Episode 145May 11, 2018Whether obesity is contagious; a man with a five-foot tapeworm; a mother who involved her 3 year-old in her little brother's birth; and a belt with air bags to prevent fall injuries in senior citizens.

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