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In the end, the best thing about Tinder and its ilk is their variety.

Once you’ve waded through the dross, it can actually be enriching, mind expanding and very attractive to find someone from a different background.

The reason, of course, is that dating is not like furniture or truffles or perfume – you can’t just get to the “right” shop and find the perfect product at the going rate.

Dating services trade on people and, more specifically, on people’s perceptions of themselves and how they come across – which they get wrong most of the time.

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She was tired of feeling “overwhelmed” at the “dearth of potential partners” and thought others might feel the same.

Others who, having been to private school, found themselves more alone than ever after endless internet-enabled dates with people that, one assumes, were educated at state school. The sense of swimming through a sea of romantic junk food, subsisting on a diet of a piece of fried chicken here, a cheeseburger there, also hit me the second I turned to internet dating when a lengthy relationship ended in July 2016.

Narrowing the pool down to those who think they’re brilliant is therefore asking for trouble.

When it comes to partner searching, you actually need the rough so that you can find the diamonds.

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