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Roman writers like Horace extolled the value of virtue while listing and warning against vices.

His first epistles says that "to flee vice is the beginning of virtue, and to have got rid of folly is the beginning of wisdom." An allegorical image depicting the human heart subject to the seven deadly sins, each represented by an animal (clockwise: toad = avarice; snake = envy; lion = wrath; snail = sloth; pig = gluttony; goat = lust; peacock = pride).

Dante defined lust as the disordered love for individuals, thus possessing at least the redeeming feature of mutuality, unlike the graver sins, which constitute an increasingly agonised focussing upon the solitary self ( a process begun with the more serious sin of gluttony ).However, lust could also mean simply desire in general; thus, lust for money, power, and other things are sinful.In accordance with the words of Henry Edward Manning, the impurity of lust transforms one into "a slave of the devil".To inspire people to focus on the seven deadly sins, the vices are discussed in treatises and depicted in paintings and sculpture decorations on Catholic churches as well as older textbooks.While the seven deadly sins as we know them did not originate with the Greeks or Romans, there were ancient precedents for them.

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