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The trend is for schools to expand directory information to include many more types of student data.4.

Ask for a copy of the school or district policy on surveys and third-party access to personal student information.

And ask for a copy of survey questionnaires that are given to your child.

The school may not give this, but it is worth the effort and signals to the school that you are concerned about this issue.5.

Keep in mind that your child may participate in programs that are not formally sponsored by the school, but may be associated with the school nonetheless.

Find out if programs, such as sports and music activities, have web sites in which participating students are named and pictured.

This can include descriptive information such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, major field of study, school activities, key dates, and more.

Schools are required to give parents the right to opt-out of the release of directory information.

Take the time to read documents regarding privacy information. Always question information about the student is being requested. FERPA, commonly known as the "Buckley Amendment," is one of the oldest privacy laws on the books, implemented in 1974. FERPA applies to schools that receive federal funds through a program of the U. Events such as the 1999 Columbine shootings and the 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech have resulted in increased security measures in our schools. Federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, protects student records to some extent. Rapid advances in technology have stretched privacy laws to the limit. Incidents of school violence in recent years have prompted school administrators and parents to debate the issue of privacy versus security.If you are told that the request is mandated by law or policy, ask for a copy.3.Find out how your school defines “directory information.” Request the opt-out form if you do not want directory information about your child to be released to third parties.

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