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The offence of perverting the course of justice overlaps with a number of other statutory offences.Ukrainian police, who said Tuesday that the reporter was killed in Kiev, now say authorities faked his death to foil a plot to take his life Trump wishes he picked a different AG. At 2pm @msnbc we'll explore why Sessions *might* be safer then you think w Chuck Rosenberg @Jake Sherman and, of course, @Natasha Bertrand -- I appreciate Roseanne apologizing for her tweet.But she has a rich history of hateful comments, so populated with racism, conspiracy theories and reactionary hate that it rings hollow. Roseann and Trump Jr and several Trump advisors on Islam are fans of this guy. | Conservative outrage after anti-Muslim campaigner Tommy Robinson secretly jailed in Britain Jb3a? The decades-old dispute between Israelis and Palestinians seems to be at a new low these days. American-born Israeli author @YKlein Halevi and Muslim American journalist @Wajahat Ali discuss with @Jeffrey Goldberg and @Kathy Gilsinan I went as a reporter and wrote a story. Talking to Zionists, writing an article about it, and thanking God for a bowel movement." @Wajahat Ali on being disinvited from speaking at @ISNAHQ's annual meeting: Iz Here's a leading American Muslim org @ISNAHQ's official letter explaining why they disinvited me from speaking at their annual conference.Dude named @Abou_Charlie: "Here we see @Wajahat tweeting unironically about Roseanne's racist rant and subsequent firing on the same day he was uninvited from the largest Muslim conference in America @ISNAHQ for his words that offend Muslims and, more specifically, Palestinians." President Trump says he wishes he'd chosen someone other than Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

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