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I used to use back when I lived in Texas, but it's been just as useful since moving up here to The Great White North! These last two years on Social Sex have given me more confidence, more independence, and more zest for life!

It's pretty cold up here for a southern girl, so I don't go out a lot and I love being able to just use the app to find fun guys nearby. I want to settle down and start a family eventually, but not any time soon!

I thought when I moved to Toronto I would be all about going out and partying hard, but I still find myself here on Social Sex almost everyday. It's so easy to hook up and have all the casual sex you want, whenever you want--right?

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The world is steadily transforming; technology runs our lives, and we're all struggling to find human connection through online networks.

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and we connect you to our members database, the largest online network of Sex Dating: Discover What The Experts Have To Say Social Sex Dating Can Vastly Improve Your Life You may have resigned yourself to thinking you're not the type who will ever be able to hook up with ease, or that you'll have to settle with for the rest of your life. So many of our members felt like that before they joined.

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