Social anxiety disorder and dating

Maneet Bhatia, a registered clinical psychologist based in Toronto, says it’s not just about social events — people with social anxiety even have a hard time communicating with their partner.“Even within the relationship there are interactions,” he tells Global News.

“They can be afraid of speaking up, being criticized or may think they are not interesting enough.”WATCH: Mindfulness and anxiety Bhatia adds they can also be passive when it comes to decision-making, and sometimes, feel like they can’t be the perfect partner.“They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be socially perfect individuals, but can be insecure.”Below, Bhatia shares tips on things couples can keep in mind when one partner is living with anxiety.

“There is no one-size answer to this,” Bhatia says.

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Knowing that we’ve already established some mutual interests and common ground means I won’t fret over the possibility of awkward silences.

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Instead, change your tone when it comes to asking them to come to an event and understand if they can’t.

READ MORE: Parents, this is how to tell your children you’re dealing with depression, anxiety Bhatia says planning out your social gatherings ahead of time can be helpful to someone who has social anxiety.

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