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It's not the mix was altered or any of the reverb effects were affected, in fact I'm quite convinced this was indeed sourced from the completely mixed master tape. Greek television presenter Nikos Mastorakis was involved with them, by writing lyrics and composing a few songs.

But the mastering technique and processing Esoteric applied did bring out "new" high tones, with clarity and punch, which makes listening to these recordings a new experience. He now has a web site sharing archival footage with the public, available for online viewing as streaming movies.

For some reason not all Polish web stores have this album in their selection.

Currently the most popular web store to order the soundtrack CD as well as the movie on DVD (note that this version comes spoken in the Polish language, without subtitles) is called Cierpienie The packaging for this edition of the CD is quite special.

But if improved recordings from the 60s are within your interest, it's unlikely you will ever hear them done better than this. For our DVD collectors: Note that since earlier this year, "Testimony", the documentary about pope John Paul II with titles music by Vangelis, has been available for online ordering, albeit only from within the United States or Canada.

Both CDs come with 16 page full colour booklets with extensive, well researched liner notes by Mark Powell. When asked about international ordering the people behind the site promised the movie would see a quick international release on DVD, but so far, this has yet to happen.

All in all, both Aphrodite's Child CDs are both highly recommended for any collector or Aphrodite's Child fan, both for the fresh sound and for the well done packaging. Vangelis enthusiasts may remember them because of their Discorama DVD release, as well as their site selling the Vangelis scored "Sex Power" (1970) movie for online viewing.

In recent times, this site has been expanded with 4 new relevant clips, all involving recordings from the 60s with Vangelis performing music. viewkey=799518692 Note: In order to listen to follow these links, one has to first go to the Gold website and log in.

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For more information, See for instance: Remember the Gold TV web site?Now, this site is again worthy of our attention, for two very good reasons: First of all, somewhere in the last week, their archive has been expanded with a wealth of added archive material from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.Some of the footage they have included helps unearth a large number of rarely seen or long lost Vangelis scored broadcasts.It's one of the first to offer the CD and it has a handy buyers guide in English that explains how to use the site when you can't read Polish. It's in fact a small hardcover book with 30 pages, after which the CD is safely stored in plastic attached to the back cover.See the options near the right bottom of the screen for this. The booklet contains pictures from the film, an interview with Jansson, a bio and picture of Vangelis, etc...

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