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* * * During pre-trial motions on Tuesday of last week, Manning said police bullied him into giving a confession the night he was arrested.

He also claimed police never read him his rights, or gave him a chance to call an attorney.

The solicitor, however, told the jurors that Manning's attempt to cover up the death was malicious.

One of the witnesses called to the stand on Wednesday was an employee with Wachovia's bank fraud department who told the court about transactions that were made with Mc Phatter's ATM card after she was reported missing.

The trial was in its second week and investigators shared details about the defendant's confession to the crime. Shawn Mc Daniels with the Richland County Sheriff's Department was called to testify Monday morning about the day in which he and other officers went to Manning's home to take him into custody.

Asked if Manning would have done anything differently, he said he would've called someone else that day.I like blonde, blue eyed, tall man who has a bit of a rugged exterior but, isn't afraid to expose his vulnerabilities behind closed doors.A man who is true to himself and makes no apologizes for who he is. Manning also told police his relationship with Mc Phatter was sexual in nature, and that she called him "Teddy." Co-defendant Kendra Goodman, who is also Manning's friend, testified Thursday afternoon.On the day of Mc Phatter's death, Goodman said Manning was driving Mc Phatter's car and Goodman followed behind in her own car.

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