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Fallon would also go on to marry and divorce two of her cousins, Myles and Jeff Colby.

Wolowitz continually even to his adult years, causing Sheldon and several of his friends to mock Wolowitz's relationship with his mother to be compared to the unresolved Oedipus Complex.

In season two, after being stoned from ingesting "magic cookies", Howard confesses to losing his virginity to his cousin Jeannie in the backseat of his uncle's car during his uncle's funeral.

In The Simpsons, Springfield's rival town Shelbyville was founded specifically to allow men to marry their cousins because, according to Shelbyville Manhattan, the founder of the city, "they're so attractive".

There was also the relationship between Cletus Spuckler and his wife Brandine, who may be siblings, cousins, mother and son, or even father and daughter.

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