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It's been really interesting to see how it's betrayed in a very, very early time in history.Then there's ancient Greek and Roman culture, which I think most of us have heard about with regard to the relationship to gender fluidity and the interesting power dynamics along with that.In the midst of the chaos, one unlikely candidate for your end of the year lists' Most Talked About spot may just be The Butt.As our culture's current obsessive interest in this most banal of body parts inflates like an implant-enhanced derrière, so does the conversation around a once more-taboo, but still not quite mainstream sex act: anal.We caught up with Sinclair for a brief chat about the event and how stigma and taboo prevent us from experiencing our full sexual selves: PAPER: Why did you want to address the topic of anal sex within a historical context? I think overall in general this category has an immense amount of taboo and stigma and is riddled with misinformation and hesitation.

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PAPER: It's interesting that in the last year or so, the taboo around anal play, especially among heterosexual people, has started to break down. All of the sudden it's really an interesting topic and people are more and more looking into it and from a very sex positive place.

A lot of the dynamics of what I've heard people express is not really understanding the experience before they get into it, and not knowing that there's some really simple things that can make it a positive experience (like lubrication, being relaxed, and not using something that numbs your body). And then the second thing overall about sexuality, and I'm taking this from Good Vibrations, and this is really my favorite thing about their company is that everything goes back to this one concept, which is that pleasure is your birthright.

You have this amazing body that has this potential to experience both pleasure and pain, and why not do things that feel good, especially in the dynamic with a partner or with yourself?

b-Vibe also serves as a platform for positivity and education about what can be a highly stigmatized area of sexuality, which is already fraught with secrecy, misinformation and its own fair share of shame.

Recently, b-Vibe put on a one-night event at New York City's Museum of Sex dedicated to the history of anal sex.

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