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While the style of music had previously been made popular by Bulimundo, a band centered around guitarist Catchas, in the seventies.

Ferro Gaita had returned to the traditional instruments, using a Ferro and a Gaita in the nineties, which had previously been forsaken by the aforementioned bands for electronic instruments.

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When they cut the deal, they had enough music recorded to fill an album, and according to band leader [a=Mario E.

In the following years the group publishes two additional albums, in 2001 "King of Funana", a compilation of 10 songs from the first 2 albums and 2003 "Bandera Liberdadi", both of which were well received by the public.

In October 2006 the group recorded the CD/DVD set “Ferro Gaita ao Vivo – Finkadu na Raiz” live from the Capital city Praia as a way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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