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Wink gives Canary users the ability to use the home security camera with their smart home.Adding a Wink hub will add to the overall cost, but from a home security perspective, it adds value.After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Angee is being built, but no one has tested the device against the claims.Angee is what would be born if Amazon Echo and your favorite home security camera had a baby. It has voice control, works with tags to protect your doors and windows, can automatically track movement a full 360 degrees, has smart zones, two-way audio, local storage, cloud storage – you name it, Angee’s got it.Without paying, you will not have access to activity zones, person detection, true cloud storage, nor will you have access to advanced motion and sound detection.You will get motion and sound detection, just not the camera’s best effort.

Canary also provides a beautiful picture, limited cloud storage, and motion alerts.

Integrated into the Piper nv you will find multiple home security components including a motion sensor, sound sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, and a siren.

The camera offers 1080p HD resolution with night vision, the ability to watch live or recorded clips, two-way audio, and a 180-degree field of view.

Getting Down To The Details Canary is a learning camera; the system can recognize the difference between common motion events and real danger.

Though it doesn’t have any sensors of its own, it does work with Wink.

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