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On her side was a short sword that she had been given from Clarisse who had also taught her a how to use it.As Naruto walked to her he knew this quest was where she could finally put her training to use and show everyone Aphrodite children could be just as strong as everyone else. It had just past six in the morning and the morning sun was just beinging to shine and illuminate the camp. Naruto due to being used to getting up early, and Silena thanks to her training."So how are you feeling today?I can see it, Clarisse can see it, and I know your mother can see it.Most may think Aphrodite is useless, but if she was useless then why is she an Olympian.With Naruto beside her and backing her it made her feel useful, special even."Naruto." she whispered as she put a hand on one of his cheeks that made him purr a little when he fingers traced the whisker marks.Luna and Tiber were watching the two and if anyone was looking at them, they would have sworn that the two wolves were smirking and nodding to each other.

I believe in you and I know you will be someone great."Silena bit her lip so that she would not cry a little.

She was wearing a pair of jeans with a light pink top, though he could see she had her armour on underneath the shirt.

Her hair was in a long braid and she had her bow and quiver of arrows strapped to her back.

Just like before during the first night, the Naruto and Silina slowly began to edge into each other, each being able to feel the others breath ever so slightly on them.

Just as their lips were about to make contact a voice called out ruining the moment once again.

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