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These people proudly and consciously practice a blank expression.

They command their features to remain firm, and their features obey. There will rarely be any jumping, sudden starts or nervous mannerisms.

Scorpio naturally attracts either fiercely loyal and dedicated admirers, or envious and spiteful enemies.

But even the latter give him grudging respect, and you'll notice they're careful not to challenge him openly.

Mention that, with a little practice, it's fairly easy to recognize them.

When someone fastens you with a hypnotic gaze, and states with supreme confidence, "You can't guess what I am," say firmly, "You're a Scorpio." It may be the first time he's ever blinked.

Scorpio's touch can be cool and tender, as well as hot.

First, you'd better learn how to recognize the sign.

Scorpio eyes bore deeply into you, mercilessly, as if they're penetrating your very sou L They are. The tone can be velvety soft, husky or sharply cutting, the speech slow and measured or clipped and staccato, but what he says will never be self-effacing. He knows what he is and he knows what he is not, and nothing anyone else thinks will change this knowledge.

There's a crackling, electric vitality about the very presence of a Scorpio that gives him away.

As quiet as he tries to be, such a vital force can't be hidden completely.

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