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He is very sensual in nature and craves plenty of touching and physical affection.Ronaldinho enjoys being pampered with a good meal, a loving massage or other sensual delights.Ronaldinho Gacho would rather settle differences by talking things out reasonably and rationally, but he tends to ignore or poke fun at any attempt to probe his own or others' inner depths.Ronaldinho Gacho avoids heavy, demanding emotional relationships and is wary of making personal commitments. His own feelings and emotions are something of an enigma to Ronaldinho, and it is often difficult for him to share with others what he is feeling.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Meet Priscilla Coelho & Beatriz Souza; these two beautiful girls are the wives of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho Gaucho.

@atletico, é uma grande honra fazer parte desta história, marcar um momento importante de nossas vidas!!! However, it’s been stated, members of Pricilla’s family were planning on confronting Ronaldinho after news broke she was just one of his lovers. The group’s electoral number is 10, the same as the number worn by Ronaldinho during his time at Barcelona.Ronaldinho is a very sociable, congenial person and he wilts very quickly without relationships with good friends and people to share good times with.Ronaldinho Gacho thoroughly enjoys working with others on group projects or community activities.According to media in Brazil Ronaldinho started dating Pricilla Coelho in 2012, four years late he met Beatriz Souza and started dating her as well, they are now living together.He popped the question to both women in January 2017, gave a ring to each of them, probably identical rings, since he always gives them the exact same presents, he also gives them the same allowance.

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