Rich dating poor

In other words, having the power to decide who gets dollars and who doesn't means that you have them yourself, and can skim a little -- or 0 billion -- off the top if you're so inclined. It's true that this isn't exactly smart politics or economics in the long run, but in the long run they'll have moved their money into Swiss bank accounts and Miami condos.

Add those two together -- selling less oil for less than before -- and you have an economic death sentence for a country that doesn't have an economy so much as an oil-exporting business that subsidizes everything else.

Which is to say that Venezuela is a man-made disaster.

It's a gangster state that doesn't know how to do anything other than sell drugs and steal money for itself.

A DEBT-RIDDEN couple were left in tears after the family they swapped with on Rich House Poor House decided to pay off most of their five-figure debt.

Sarah and Ross Timmins had spiralled into arrears which left them living a hand to mouth existence as they struggled to make ends meet.

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