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If they had remained true to these characters and ended it with them off to get laid at the next wedding I would have enjoyed it more.What begins as a man's frat-boy fantasy winds up squarely in chick-flick territory.Somehow we are supposed to root for Owen Wilson when he falls in love with a woman who's already engaged to another man (Bradley Cooper in an early comedic role).

But after years of doing this, John is getting tired and at the biggest wedding of the season, breaks one of the many Wedding Crasher rules by falling in love with Claire; one of the bridesmaids.Jeremy, meanwhile, has slept with Gloria, another bridesmaid, who to his absolute horror, seems to fall in love with him.When the two bridesmaids (they're sisters) invite John and Jeremy to their father's lakeshore home, John jumps at the idea, while Jeremy only agrees to go because one of the Wedding Crasher rules is; never leave a crasher behind.Of the two stars, Vaughn definitely gets the funnier lines, reducing Wilson almost to the role of straight man.Isla Fisher though, manages to steal every scene that she's in, away from both of them.

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