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doc Id=hb467nb2zs&doc.view=content& [22] Id. [23] See Alameda County Recorder’s Office [25] Id. In his summary, Fitzpatrick said that the chief “told me that he would talk to me like a father to a son.

He wrote a detailed 6-page summary of what went on between him and the interrogating police chief.

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And, there is a powerful news media collective feeding white hysteria by spinning front page stereotypical tales of religious fanatics, murder, bedlam, madness and sex.

VII, pages 6-8 [53] Illich, Ivan, New York: Harper Colophon Books, 1971 [54] Id., Footnote 49 [57] Mc Carroll v. At the apex of the crossroads of their lives is a cold blooded COINTELPRO police counterintelligence agent-provocateur that specializes in entrapment, inhumane interrogation methods and torture.

It was a classic Oakland political assassination just like the assassination of Dr. The lives of dozens of young men and their families lie in the balance between happiness, freedom and life in prison or the death penalty.

Chauncey as we usually affectionately called him was a local community icon that always existed on the fringe of truly breaking a big local story.

At one time, I persuaded Chauncey to do a story about the Alameda County Mafia forcing Black and Latino elderly homeowners into county conservatorships as a scheme to strip them of their valuable real properties.

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