Problem updating bios

It sounds to me like it might be a corrupt BCD or BOOTMGR. I normally use Paragon Win PE (boot recovery media builder is the program that makes it, it's not free however).

After rebooting into windows 10 from kali linux, my kali linux drive is gone even the bios can't detect. There has to be something wrong with the way the OEM set up the system if it's not the BIOS.

Upon restarting the system into Windows, it performed the Second half of the update.

I worried it might have broken something, but there were no problems until the next time I booted.

In the boot order I have sata set as the first option.

Tried to format it but when i put it back in my acer laptop neither bios or windows installer recognise it, help plz. My system was dual booting Windows 10 Technical Preview and Arch Linux.

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