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A webcam perched above a nest atop the Knight Law Center on Agate Street offers a live look at osprey activity.A pair of osprey, a male and female, have been taking turns sitting on two eggs since mid-April.Law school grads will don their mortarboard caps on May 19 this year.The osprey cam might just help the school add more students to the flock of Oregon Ducks; Mc Ginnis said the webcam has more traffic than any other part of the law school’s website.The webcam garnered more than 5,000 unique page views from the end of March to the end of April, said Jim Horstrup, building manager at the law center.The osprey nest rests on a 52-foot-galvanized steel lamp post retrofitted to be a platform, he said.“For people it’s a slice of nature they don’t normally see,” she said.

“We are kind of excited here because it is likely to coincide with commencement,” she said.

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Since I had the webcam running at the silky smooth 1fps, I fired up the sprinklers for a few minutes after mowing ... So far I have rocket league, subnautica, minecraft, fornite, world of warcraft, portal, runescape and the sims.

Two classes of youngsters ages 2 and 3 — 20 children in all — attend classes in a building near the law school, said Sara Bowman, interim director at the Vivian Olum Child Development Center.

The kids keep an eye on the birds by peering up from the day care’s playground and gathering around computer screens in their classrooms.

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