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The song "Crazy" is a rap that hits at the alienation of consumer culture, yet is supported by a beat composed of mind-numbing drum-machine pulses and incongruous reverb-laden acoustic guitars.The song comes off as schizophrenic, which is indeed crazy, but not nice to listen to.The album has received positive reviews from many sources, including LA Weekly, Entertainment Weekly,and Vibe. Eschewing complicated rhyme patterns for straight-talking simplicity, the songs on his second solo effort seem to embody the split personality overtaking the character of popular music audiences and charts.There is a sense that Pigeon John is more interested in telling his tale of woe than in weaving a poetic lyric and overall unified rap song that is worth hearing more than once.Indeed, his raps are delivered at a dirgelike pace that seems to weigh down any exuberance in the beat, which more often than not seems to have nothing to do with the lyric itself.At other moments on the album, Pigeon John seems to forget himself completely and dives into the world of emo.The song "Alone..." is the premier, though not the only, example of his flights of white-pop fancy ("What is Love?! The song can best be imagined as rap-metal à la Linkin Park sans rap, or simply emo with a bad drum machine beat rather than raging guitars and hormone induced drum-kit catharsis.

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And that's when it happened, the pigeon started shaking violently and became awake, picked up and flew away. it was 'pigeon' or die." He later explained that he was discussing his need for a stage name with a friend when the friend suggested "Chicken John", taken from the character Chicken George in Roots.True to hip-hop form, the track opens with an enticing sample, then launches into the hook, a head-bobbing beat backed with a simple but memorable lyric.The verse articulates his emotional problems, his "identity crisis", and is insightful without being sappy.The friend's mother then interjected that John didn't look like a chicken, claiming that he looked like a pigeon and should therefore be called "Pigeon John".Brainwash Projects contributed the single "Muchas Muchachas" to the Christian rap compilation "Sanktifunctafyd" released by N-Soul Records in 1995.

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