Penpals dating for kids

Fenn Parents can be fooled into thinking there's something wrong with their child for being introverted, especially if they, themselves, are extroverts.

Learning about introverts and supporting your introverted child during the school years in being consciously introverted will bring happiness into your home and build a positive sense of self in your child. It creates the feeling of excitement and exhilaration that comes from trying something new. Then they prepare for how they would deal with each potential outcome.Quit waiting for them to "turn into" social butterflies.Just imagine what the world would have missed if Steven Spielberg had gone outside to play with the other children. The higher up you go in education and intelligence, the greater the percentage of introverts.Introverted children get no inherent value or personal reward for taking part in past times that are pushed on most kids.Joining the Pep Squad, taking ball room dancing lessons, joining the German Club and taking field trips to the aquarium are not likely to do anything for your introverted child except stress them out and make them feel like losers because they don't seem to be enjoying themselves when everyone else is!

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