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He usually makes food for Bowser Junior, but often makes food for Bowser as well.He makes food for Mario and his friends usually without complaint because they ask nicely and stay out of his way unlike Bowser and Junior. It could be assumed that he was neglected and locked in a cage by his father which could explain why he said that in The Big Thanksgiving that his family didn't love him. When he was first introduced, his character was completely different from his present day characteristics. He also spoke broken English with an Italian accent.Chef Pee Pee and Squidward are also commonly tortured, as well.Despite his grumpy attitude, Chef Pee Pee has a big heart, and deep down cares for Bowser and Junior.There is a possibility he died in the episode "Cody's Mistake" when Goodman tells everyone at the news that a local man drowns at the beach. He would move to New Jersey at some point in his life. Today, his accent is not nearly as thick and his English is better.He is portrayed as hating his job although he has never quit it for some reason (aside from the non-canonical Chef Pee Pee Quits!Chef Pee Pee can commonly be compared with Squidward from Sponge Bob.

And even tries to get Bowser off of Junior when he gets beat up. Chef Pee-Pee hates/despises Bowser Junior, because Junior just annoys him a lot.

Junior gives Chef Pee-Pee (who is dressed as Junior's fake mom) a card, thus making Chef Pee-Pee truly touched by his efforts to making him happy.

Chef Pee-Pee even tries to get Bowser off of Junior while beating him up.

He then became more grumpier, and seems to be easily annoyed, since he is always whining, yelling and complaining all the time and to some people it became kinda annoying.

Chef Pee Pee also blames others for what he did sometimes.

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