Pattaya dating

This makes perfect sense from the girl’s perspective. If a freelancer girl you’ve been with refers you to another friend.That friend might be open to a lower prices because she knows, okay her friend knows you, so in all probability, she won’t get killed, you’re not the biggest weirdo & that certainly takes off a bit of pressure.Then at around 2pm you decide to take a walk around, and since you don’t want to start drinking that early and have plans to go for a swim at around 4pm, followed by a stroll around the beach promenade at pm for sunset, a few drinks and pool games in the girly bars at pm, in between some dinner, checking out a couple of new go go bars at 9pm and hitting the night club at midnight: So what’s the perfect thing to do during the “lame” hours between like 2pm and 4pm?Right, visiting one of the many, many, many happy ending massage salons around Pattaya.

First it should be frequented by a lot of tourists.

or you simply want to spend less money, yet still have your fun. If I wanna watch a gogo show & get drunk, I am not necessarily always interested in getting a girl.

Likewise, often times, I wanna get a girl but have no interest in sitting in a bar or wasting any time indulging in Pattaya’s Nightlife.

So if you are out for sex then you should know which area to visit (for example Soi Buakhao would be good) and if you are out for a blow job sex then Soi 6 would be the best place to go (or simply one of the many blow job bars).

On the other hand, you may find yourself in a shop on Beach Road with your masseuse in a long traditional dress and not willing to provide any happy ending at all.

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