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“By the time the authorities wanted my husband to come personally to the department concerned to verify my status as a native of Sabah, he was hooked to a life support system,” she said. Rita was married to former Sabah Director of Civil Aviation, Thomas Humphrey Paglar Rita was later issued with a My Kad (Permanent Resident status), instead of a My Kad (Citizen status).Following her complaint to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Sabah Branch) in June 2012 and its ensuing correspondence with the State National Registration Department (NRD), Rita was advised by the NRD to apply for citizenship status under Section 15(1) or 19(1).But on Monday Domínguez suddenly disappeared from the list just before it was due to be sent to the Madrid Electoral Board.The former athlete had warned the party about the imminent release of the sentence and of the convenience of her disappearing from the scene.The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) exposed several bosses of the National Registration Department in the past, which resulted in a few of them being arrested and charged for abetting and being involved in the issuing of Malaysian My Kads fraudulently to illegal immigrants in Sabah.It appears there is virtually zero chance of getting a Malaysian citizenship if you are a genuine local and can prove it – more so if your application is supported by a Sabah Deputy Chief Minister!Spanish former athlete Marta Domínguez has been handed a three-year ban and stripped of her 2009 World Championship gold medal after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) found her guilty of doping.

I hope to be given citizenship status before I finally close my eyes,” she said, at the residence of former PBS Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Ariah Tengku Ahmad.

According to Milner, “It has beautiful writing with the signature of Charles I, we believe, and it gives passage to a Captain Bradshaw and his wife and servants to travel the oceans on behalf of the king.”“It is fascinating – it belonged to a friend of ours who was a collector and when his estate was being sold my husband bought it for me as a birthday present,” he added.

“It may go from from 2,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds; we just don’t know until the day of the auction,” he said.

“By right, I am a natural-born citizen of Malaysia but strangely enough, I was made a permanent resident (PR) when I applied for a My Kad (Citizen) years ago.

Initially, I had a KPP with the Number H6010990 (which had since been surrendered to the NRD).

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