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The longer the Premium Subscription period, the more gift Minutes you get. Currently, there are the following Premium Subscription packages available: A. All your Free Minutes will automatically expire along with your Premium Subscription. You won’t be able to use your paid Minutes until you renew your Premium Subscription.

Premium Account means the service which for only limited Time, but in case of subscription they are unlimited time until you request to cancel.

The Secserv team is constantly improving our product. We believe in this right, and we are fighting for it. What is the difference between Vernam and AES 256 encryption algorithms? What kind of files can I send and receive via my i Phone? Is it possible to see a recently read messages using the history of the browser, the back and forward button? HTTPS means that your connection to our site is safe to exchange data. Yes, it's encrypted with AES 256 algorithm and the messages are stored encrypted as well.

Our team is a group of enthusiasts, working to ensure that everybody can securely transfer any data via the web including commercial secrets or love messages. Do the internet services keep my secret message not encrypted etc. Is there any possibility to intercept the messages anyway? Could I open the same link and read the message again? What is the difference between Vernam and AES 256 encryption algorithms?

Yes, there is one - if you or your recipient keep any kind of Trojan software on your computer. Our safety messages are stored encrypted on the server and we keep them until anybody opens a link. We don't even have any web analytics on the site - just check our page codes. But, in case somebody gets the link before you - he will read the message inside. We do not hold any chat data persistent on your computer.

Could I open the same link and read the message again? It makes no sense to keep IP addresses, cos all anonymous messages are stored encrypted, and nobody could read them, even our sys admin. You will get a read link with such information : 'Here was your message. If this happened by the accident, a new chat should be created.

Also you may insert the link with secure message encrypted by Vernam into the AES 256 text field and press create - so you will get the "link inside link". So, this #KEY isn’t transmitted to the server - server can’t decrypt the message and review its contents. - HTTPS connection with AES 256 encryption RSA 2048 bit key.

If someone decrypts your AES 256 message cos of weak passphrase - they will only get the Vernam link inside (already read as well) - not the text. In practice, it looks like this: you insert text into a web form, press the button “Create” - now the browser encrypts the message with key AES 256-bits, and then sends the message to the server. - any kinds of files are supported for secure data encryption up to 7MB.

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Do the internet services keep my secret message not encrypted etc. Then you should choose number of participants from 2 to 30.In this world, everything costs money and we are not omnipotent. Please be sure that even a small amount can help us! The length of Vernam secured link may be up to 4096 symbols, depending on your message. We use Diffie-Hellman key exchange and aes-256 end-to-end encryption to protect chat's traffic. Why do I need to use Mozilla or Chrome to work with files? My friend sent me the link secured by passphrase, but it showed me : 'Here was your message. It happens from time to time, so I get the "dead" links from my friend only. It will be always possible to read the messages for everybody. We use SSL to protect you from any interception of your text message.Click "Continue" and you will be redirected to the chat room. You should send this links to participants as text or QR-code. It should be entered by all participants, otherwise the chat will be inactive.In the chat room you can see which one of the participants joined the chat and who left it.

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