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Azerbaijan hazelnuts were historically traded when the Great Silky Road passed through Azerbaijan territory.

Alongside contributing to the history of our country, hazelnuts became one of the greatest agriculture exports, even being sent to many European countries.

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One is in the downtown air-conditioned Festhalle Theater.

They are made out of many different materials and there are a number of variations such as the tiny wooden toy soldier we recognize from the popular ballet, Asian Betel cutters, European carved wooden figures, the precious ivory, ebony and porcelains figures, the elaborate Victorian silver nutcrackers, and so many others.

Some are very ornate and others are crude, but they all show the history of human ingenuity and artistry, and love for nuts.

Some of the shows, such as Sound of Music, are so popular and well received that families make it an annual family pilgrimage to come to Leavenworth to attend it.

It is not unusual that more than 20,000 people attend the festival during the two summer months.

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