Manually updating sophos antivirus

Schedule] Detect Dial Up=0 Frequency=60 (60 mins) Sched Enable=1 (this enables auto updates) with [PPI.

Schedule] Detect Dial Up=0 Frequency=1060 (minutes) Sched Enable=0 ( 0 Disables auto updates PS: Look at Ross’s comment, do not disable auto updates) And make your file in the config folder that you just edited as READ-ONLY, so further updates from your university/company does not re-enable your auto updater every 60 minutes or so.

You will see files like iupd, idata , ischedlocal , iconn etc etc. Edit/Open file iconn (using wordpad) and locate the string Allow Local Config = 0 and using Ctrl H find Allow Local Config = 0 strings in the file and replace them with Allow Local Config = 1. Now you sould be all set and not see greyed out “Configure Update” options.

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Sophos is provided free to students going to universities, for example university of saskatchewan or Uof S provides free Sophos use on students/faculties/staff computers at home.

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