Mandating higher fuel efficiencies

"About 80% of what you move into a theater is other than combat systems.And a large part of that is fuel and the equipment to move it," says Lt. Kern, an acquisitions and logistics expert for the Army.As recommended by the results, none of the options dominated the others regarding all dimensions.

And having those tankers available for other duty--say, refueling F-22s or Stealth bombers--eliminated the need for 55 new tankers.

A complete fuel life cycle assessment (LCA) on petrol, diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), electric vehicle (EV), hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), and biodiesel vehicles was made.

Results are shown for climate change, air quality effects and Energy resource depletion impact of the different vehicle technologies.

In a study cited in the report, the Army Research Laboratory concluded that if the Abrams tank had been 50% more fuel efficient--and the technology exists today to make it so--the setup time for the gulf war would have been reduced by a full month.

And the tank's range would have been extended, too.

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