Mad scientist dating

If this is the real you, I’m not sure I want to have any more to do with you,” Zimbardo recalls.

“It was like a double slap in the face: she was saying, first, you are failing in your ethical obligation to the students and, second, you are failing as a possible suitor.” Only after she threatened to end the relationship was Zimbardo shaken enough to reassess the experiment and his role in it, which he began to realize had shifted from observer to unwitting participant.

Zimbardo has launched a nonprofit called the Heroic Imagination Project, which teaches young people how come to the aid of those in need, even when there are risks involved.

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“When I arrived in Berkeley, it was made really, really clear that any publication I did with Phil would not count.Famously, the students playing guards became so absorbed in the power of their roles that they began abusing their prisoners.By the time Maslach appeared, five prisoners had suffered emotional breakdowns and had been removed from the study. And she says, ‘It’s just terrible what you’re doing to these boys! I had so much invested in the research, I had been watching it progress over the course of days, and I was on autopilot. At first, Zimbardo and his colleagues teased Maslach about being a softie, downplaying her objections.It was August 1971 and social psychologist Philip Zimbardo was five days into the study he would become famous for: the Stanford prison experiment.He had asked psychologist Christina Maslach to interview some of the study’s participants, so she came by one evening to observe for awhile.

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