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~Dani I created this page because there aren't a lot of teen support groups in general and when there are they only cover just one or two things.

~Dani I heard this song, and it literally brought tears to my eyes. It hurts, it's hard and someday's it feels like its not even worth it anymore. No matter what you're going through, there is always something worth living for.

(I also just got an app called Calm Harm that gives suggestions.)This doesn't really fit into a category, but I know that depression and self harm are big for a lot of us so I thought I'd share it.

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Please don't forget the people who still love you.

I found a new coping mechanism for wanting to self harm. I know that some people mark with a red pen or marker, but that stresses me out more.

“In a night of questions and answers, whatever the question the answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All three guest shared what makes happy marriages, with Elder Holland stating emphatically that happy marriages are the rule, not the exception.requests the privacy of those LDS Widows and LDS Widowers whose pictures and contact information to be solely used by other LDS Widows or LDS Widowers for their contact purposes.Please be generous in helping us to plan and attend fun semiannual parties the first Weekend of April and October and more held in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.Check in for upcoming get-togethers for LDS Widows and LDS Widowers and Other Singles information.One way to get to know other members of the church is through LDS chat sites on the internet.

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    He returned to the pulpit three months later, after counseling with a group of ministers.

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