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— A new article provides guidance for those intending to study ancient human remains in the Americas.

The paper, written by Indigenous scholars and scientists and those who collaborate with Indigenous ...

It's only been two months since we first learned that Brad Pitt is dating Neri Oxman, but it seems like the unlikely couple isn't wasting any time in getting serious.

Some have even gone so far as to claim that Pitt is already in love with Oxman.

The rumors have run the gamut from utterly ridiculous to thoroughly plausible (who didn't want to believe that Brad was back together with Jennifer Aniston?

— Researchers pieced together traces of Homo naledi's brain shape from an extraordinary collection of skull fragments and partial crania, from at least five adult individuals. — Scientists, historians and economists have used ice samples from the North Greenland Ice Core Project to measure, date and analyze European lead emissions that were captured in Greenland ice between ...

— New research by an international team has revealed that there was much more diversity in the leprosy strains circulating in Medieval Europe than previously thought. — Scientists have successfully reconstructed genomes from Stone Age and Medieval European strains of the hepatitis B virus.

This unprecedented recovery of ancient virus DNA indicates that hepatitis B ...

Instead of being in class, five young writers take their last period of the day at the magazine’s office, learning about the fast-paced world of publishing.

(The kids are said to attend fictional Ernie Coombs High School, named for the man who played TV's Mr.

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