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She drove to the store to pick up food and beer for the barbeque. Carl was engrossed in the sports highlights and didn't notice as she walked by.An hour later, Maddy returned home, to find Carl showered, in his chair, and watching sports highlights on T. She approached the pool, wondering if she had made a mistake.Maddy couldn't seem to control her body when Kyle touched her. Maddy prepared the mashed potatoes and salad and Carl barbequed the pork ribs. By the time the food was cooked and served, the sun had long since set and the evening enveloped them in near total darkness.Kyle moved forward as his mom moved back, keeping pressure with his finger on his mom's sex. Please stop." She grabbed his wrist with her hand and pulled him away, and his finger slipped out of her. Kyle was sorry to see her go but enjoyed the sight of the brief bikini bottom, dripping wet and clinging to his mom's shapely ass. A large glass enclosed candle provided the only light for dinner. Maddy had to admit Carl had cooked the ribs to perfection, and Carl and Kyle gobbled up Maddy's potatoes. Carl enjoyed the low buzz gathering in his head after downing a few beers.Without thinking about what she was doing she stopped and put her hands on her hips so he could look at her.

His tongue entered her mouth briefly, but she put a hand on his chest and pushed him back. Lunch had stretched on for a few hours, and each of them was picking over the remains of their dessert. She worried that her face would betray what she was thinking to Emma. She and Carl brought the food and beer in from the car. She knew the effect of seeing her wearing a swimsuit would have on Kyle. On a whim, she picked the smallest bikini out of the drawer.

He hadn't showered yet, and he half-walked, half-stumbled into the kitchen with messy hair and bad breath. What had happened, happened, but it couldn't happen again. Then he shoved the forkful of egg and cheese into his mouth. In the early days of their relationship, when Carl was young and fit and romantic, they had lain for hours under the stars, talking, kissing, and making love. She wanted to be out of the house as long as possible, away from Kyle, so she called a friend to have lunch.

Carl finally emerged from the bedroom just minutes before Maddy put breakfast on the table. "Time to clean the kitchen, I guess," Carl mumbled. She had no more room to pull away, so she left her leg there. She glanced quickly at him, to give him a look of disapproval, and he was looking at her, already, a faint smile on his lips. "So, Maddy," Carl said after mostly swallowing the bite of omelet, "Tonight's that meteor shower, right? " Maddy and Carl had long shared an interest in astronomy. After breakfast, Maddy prepared a list of things to buy for the barbeque.

She walked into the refreshing water until it was just below the tips of her breasts. Uh oh, Maddy thought, her fear and desire in conflict. Kyle noticed that his mom's nipples rose just over the level of the water, and now that her bikini top was soaked through they stood out even more sharply than before against the bikini fabric.

Kyle stood up as he reached the shallow end of the pool and Maddy watched his broad shoulders emerge from the pool, water dripping off his muscles. His eyes were hidden by sunglasses but the hungry grin on his face betrayed his feeling. Kyle reached his hand forward under the water until it touched the little triangle of mom's bikini bottom. Instead, she parted her legs, just a bit, so his hand would be able to touch her more easily.

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