Kim kardashian amp amp reggie bush dating

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It's no secret that running back Reggie Bush is quite confident in the Detroit Lions' ability to perform at a high level.

She gets paid a reported -,000 for each of her public appearances at clubs and casinos, after all!

The girl has turned herself into quite a hot commodity, and she works her (ample) butt off -- in and out of the gym.

Even if Bush only ends up being a modest upgrade at RB/WR (which I doubt his impact will be less than huge), his charisma is worth the price of admission…. I have not seen or heard one thing about him or from him to make me think that he is anything other than just an awesome, classy guy. Reggie take a page from Barry Sanders and keep your piehole shut and domiante on the field humbly.

By Drews Lions on am It’s the little things that have been keeping us from really breaking out. It starts with buying into the program and believing in the players around you. By Drews Lions on am the media built up that “Dream Team” hype, not the players. By Jack H on pm Talking up the team that just signed you and that’s considered to be up and coming isn’t running his mouth, so to speak.

It’s a lot better than saying that they expect to have the 32nd ranked offense and place last in the division.

I’d be a lot more reluctant to tell them to zip it than what they said.

Even so, I like that he is so confident in the Lions, and I like that he has compared them to the Saints in the past, at least in terms of their style of offense.They should expect to be a good team, all the good teams do too.By DLions4Eva on pm If Reggie can have a few good years here and we end up winning playoff games or maybe finally go to a Superbowl, that may go on to be one of, if not the best free agent signing in Lions history.Bush actually compared Matthew Stafford to Drew Brees this week, so he seems to see a lot of similarities between his original team and his current one. By Drews Lions on am I misjudged him as the TMZ type. Tell me you knew we could do it all along when you have the Lombardi Trophy in your hand. We have not won a playoff game since 1991 and are coming off a 4-12 season.Even if you didn’t love the move, you have to admit the guy is a complete class act and awesome teammate and leader, both vocally and through hard work on the field. He rarely talks but everything he says, and the way he works and carries himself is the epitome of respectable. By Lions_Fan11 on am Aside from the simple fact that he dated her… You don’t talk smack about “being able to win” the Super Bowl with that kind of history.

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