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And while it's not like I'm Cassanova in normal dating situations, I like to think I have a relatively normal dating life, where I meet girls at work, through friends, or at various functions.I've had 5 or 6 wonderful, meaningful relationships, some flings (though fewer with every year), quite a few bad dates, and a little of everything in between.I felt some, really too many were cliquish and already had their group of friends, that they were there just to hang out, eat free food at the Sushi Shabats or shuls, etc.Hell, some even showed up with their significant others at the single's events - what the hell?I'm sure the girls in New York and LA have more the bodytype I look for, but I'm not moving to those places anytime soon.For the last 18 months or so, I've been attending various Jewish singles and networking mixers in Chicago, not to mention other functions in shuls (several in the Lakeview neighborhood) and Chabad houses (in the Bucktown and Lincoln Park neighborhoods).Basically, all the strife has caused a rift so large between myself and my in-laws that we hardly speak.It has affected their relationship with my children and my kids just don't understand why they (the grandparents) have a closer relationship with the cousins than with them.

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Perhaps it's just the city itself, though I wasn't faring much better in Cleveland when I lived there either.A normal dating life Yet not with Jewish girls, and frankly I'm worn out from the effort.While raising my kids Jewish has always been important to me, I'm at a bit of a crossroads here, because I clearly don't fit in these groups, yet am ready for a wife whom I love and loves me in turn.My observations during so many of these events - and I did go in with the best intentions, with an open mind, dressed well, a little nervous, a little excited, once in a while with a friend - is for the most part, there were a lot of homely girls without the best personalities.I'm sure the girls in New York and LA have more the bodytype I look for, but I'm not moving to those places anytime soon. Some of my family didn't understand it at the time, but they were supportive.

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