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The Spaniard, all young muscle and grunt, powers through the third game to take a 2-1 lead. He's usually imperturbable, inscrutable, but nine unforced errors so far in the set leave a look like helplessness on his face. Nadal breaks his serve to take the match to 3-1 in the fifth."Federer's just giving this fifth set away right now," the television says. Producer In the beginning, the dates provided by the Dating Game were typically just a local night on the town but later the show began opening its pockets for luxurious dates to exotic locations.The Dating Game TV show began as a daytime game show.Then one of the three would be chosen to go out on a date. Host (1973-1974 / 1977-1980 / 1997) Elaine Joyce ............ Viewers might have been skeptical, however, about the permanent nature of those relationships because the follow-ups usually just said that the couple had a great first date and went out again.The questioner could not see their three potential dates so appearance did not factor into the decision. There were a few dates, however, that resulted in marriage.Before the kettle even whistles, the first point Sunday morning ends on a topspin backhand winner up the line. After nearly four hours carving long arcs and hard angles out of the darkness 16 time zones away, the two best tennis players of this age -- of perhaps any age -- have played themselves back to even. Since their marathon finals match at Wimbledon this past July, the rivalry between these two has been frequently, and maybe even correctly, referred to as "epic."But odd for a quiet Sunday morning here, odd for television, this thing so emphatic and real. Opponents at the very peak of their powers, equals, who transform one another. Which is why "Ali/Frazier" remains the standard measure of a modern American epic, and speaks to the needs of our culture as fully as "Gilgamesh" or "Beowulf" spoke to the needs of theirs. It's also one of the best pieces of sports writing of the past decade.*Nadal overpowers The Swiss in his next service game. On a sharp service winner to The Spaniard's backhand, The Swiss ties the match at two sets each. One made possible only by athletes or teams who define and then expand not just each others' limits, but the limits of the age in which they compete. In it he details the outrageous gifts of The Swiss, and predicts the nemesis he'll find in The Spaniard.

The brilliance and the curse of any world class athlete's life lie in the finality of the definite. * I footnote here, with a sad smile, that I often imagined DFW as a rival. He was in a different weight class in a different, far more elite league. We had only passed infrequent comment to one another through editors we both worked with.

The game show format had a bachelorette or bachelor asking a series of questions to three potential love interests, who were out view, to find the best match.

Based on their responses, a suitor would be picked and then the twosome would go on a date paid for by the show.

I had been a stand up comedian in Los Angeles for about a year and a half.

The Dating Game TV show was a 30 minute game show on ABC where a contestant would ask questions that were typically funny or sensual in nature of three other contestants of the opposite sex. Occasionally there would be an episode of the Dating Game where they told about the dates that were successful and had developed into relationships.

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