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As fans questioned their behaviour, and what Becca would make of it, the South Shields 22 year old cleared things up on Instagram, revealing she wasn’t with Jonathan. so seem as half of the world have already seen London’s recent insta story I thought I’ll put the world at rest...cheers for that, me and @jonathanlipnicki are not dating and came to this decision after my return back to UK from LA, we remain good friends and agreed to keep personal matters between us strictly confidential however actions speak volumes and drew a lot of attention to my DMs so there you go.People have these ideas of what you're supposed to do to have a career, like play against type, or don't revisit a character. Full Story Remember when Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a SEX COLUMN, refused to talk about her sex life with her 3 closest friends in the Sex & the City Movie? Jonathan Lipnicki and Becca Mason seemed to be the perfect match when they met early in series four of Celebs Go Dating.

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As a loving boyfriend and girlfriend they lived together for about a year and they called off their love life on 9th of November 2006.Amen.” Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson was forced to choose between two girls during the Celebs Go Dating final, picking 19 year old makeup artist Emilia Yates.It was unclear whether the pair were still going, as they haven't been sharing pictures together, but it looks like there's still something there as Emilia made her Made In Chelsea debut.Talia Storm’s ex Seb Morris was a late arrival to the Celebs Go Dating agency, but fell head over heels for Sarah Lewis.The pair jetted off to Cape Verde together for the final, and while the couple seemed to be very close, it appears they’re now just friends.

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