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So it would be really great if there is a Jan group for all moms. From my side I have a LB, Liam who was born premature and is only now starting to catch up with his milestones.

To date it has blessed me with meeting interesting and refreshingly intelligent men (sometimes).I was really glad to see a Jan 2010 on Moomie and tried to join but could see that the mommies had formed a very close knit group.I understood this and therefore popped in every now and again to ask a question as I really missed not being able to share with moms with babies of the same age.But irrespective of your reason for subscribing to this alternative lifestyle, there should be some set of rules that should guide us to ensuring that the experience remains pleasurable- the way it was intended to be.So here are a few rules I believe should be adhered to in the world of Online Dating: A major possibility of Online Dating is long distance relationships. Take the time to make a meaningful impact on the person you’re approaching.

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