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What does it mean to live every day as a woman in a world that hates and objectifies women? Plus all the bloody details on period sex, and a call for your Unscrewed book recommendations — all in another...That's the question at the heart of Jessica Valenti's brave, raw new memoir, Sex Object, and it's the subject of this intimate conversation betwe... Can a single woman in the Black Church get some and also get to Heaven? Brittney Cooper set out to answer for herself a few years ago.Body Kindness author Rebecca Scritchfield joins Jaclyn to explore the connections between body image, diet culture, health and sexuality From Stormy Daniels to the New York Times, there's been a lot talk about porn in the news. Let historian Hanne Blank explain as she talks with Jaclyn about what she learned during the 80s AIDS crisis, the importance of marshmallows wh...Tina Horn of Why Are People Into That joins Jaclyn to break down where the conversation is breaking down, how we could build it better, and why it matters h... (More Spare Parts to come, no worries.) We put it to good use catching up with Pameal Merrit, co-founder and co-director of Reproaction, who gets real about what it takes to unscrew the sexual culture in more conservati. talk Ted Cruz, porn v erotica, taboo fetishes, and the transformative political power of pleasure in this episode which was recorded in front of a live audience at the Sex Expo... What would the United States be like if our policies, laws and institutions were built to encourage women's happiness?In this quickiesode: An update on the crackdowns against sex workers and your right to sexual expression, advice for a man with a surprising ethical double-standard, and a story about the time Jaclyn watched porn for science. What she found -- and what she wrote about it -- has sparked a national conversation at ...Could your food cravings be telling you you have a pleasure deficit? Pleasure isn't optional - it's a key ingredient in both our humanity and our political resistance.Featuring the return of the Reality Bytes dynamic duo, Stephanie Beatriz and Courtney Kocak.Don't freak out, but Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine Nine's Rosa Diaz) and her bestie Courtney Kocak (writer on Amazon's Danger & Eggs) are Jaclyn's guests on a show about everything: when size actually does matter, why they lo... What are the class implications of shaming trainwrecks?

Lena Chen, one of the first known women to have private nude photos of her nonconsensually shared across the internet, moved to Berlin and tried it. An attempt at a pep talk about campus rape activism, wise words from Zoe Quinn about how not to fight Trumpism, and some bracing advice for a woman unhappy after a threesome. Whitney Houston saying, “crack is whack” Amy Winehouse dying in front of millions. What's the difference between making fun of Trump's hands and mocking his hair? How do you talk with your partner about body hair expectations?

United Nations trainer and MTV host Francisco Ramirez travels the globe making the world safer for sexual pleasure, then (once he explains the numerous dildos in his bag to customs) dispenses free sex advice in NYC’s parks and streets. Scarleteen's Heather Corinna helps a listener and in the process pulls back the curtain on what really happens at naptime. The founder and proprietor of joins Jaclyn to talk about the good kind of entitlement, how we should be thinking about sex ed for 6 year olds (and every age), the time when... Rogers' advice and looks for the helpers in Orlando and the Stanford rape case, in order to find some hope.

In this rewind From cartoons depicting Sanders spanking Clinton to the slut-shaming of Melania Trump, this election cycle is Exhibit A in the ways women in the political eye are sexualized in the service of electoral leverage. Plus, inspired by feedback on last week's All The Parts Are Good Parts episode, J... In this quickiesode, Jaclyn explains why banning rape porn is wrong, weighs in on whether or not you should pee before sex, shares some thoughts about Jewish hair, beauty, politics and romance, and then slips you a hilarious outtake from the Sex Object. Then she's joined by Tristan Taormino to help out a listener whose friends ... Brittney Cooper's on hand to help out a listener with that question.

Whitney Houston saying, “crack is whack” Amy Winehouse dying in front of millions.

Jaclyn catches up with Sady Doyle, whose new book is all abou...

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